Drones are a valuable resource for maintaining business continuity in the global fight against the spread of the coronavirus. As entire industries and businesses opt to stay indoors and social distancing is the new norm, critical businesses, such as the oil and gas industry, can rely on drones as an effective tool in maintaining business as usual in such unusual times.

Proactively maintaining business continuity in the face of the current crisis can be achieved through the use of automation and industrial drones by enabling continuous remote operations, facilitating social distancing and assisting public safety professionals.


Ensuring Resilience, Enhancing Operations

With a reduced workforce, oil & gas professionals continue to strive for increasing levels of efficiency. Integrating technologies such as drones and robotics for data collection, combined with analytics, creates opportunities to fundamentally change how work gets done. Traditional data collection processes impacted by the outbreak, can be enhanced with the use of drones and aerial data capture. Drones allow for separating man from machine, reducing worker exposure to risk, as well as dramatically cutting costs.

Airobotics’ fully automated drone system and aerial data capture capabilities provide professionals with a wide variety of benefits including real-time videos, as well as remote supervision & monitoring from their home and/or office. A drone can automatically be deployed with the click of a button. During flight, Airobotics’ automated industrial drone and software collect and generate vast amounts of aerial data.


Flattening the Curve: Drones Contribute to Stay Home, Work Safe

Public health measures in response to the coronavirus pandemic have introduced social distancing, making drones a valuable resource for reducing person-to-person contact. Drones fit into public health and relief efforts since they are effective for limiting human to human interactions. Aerial data captured by drones make social distancing more achievable and realistic for professionals.

Readily available aerial data can greatly assist industry professionals working to proactively address problem areas. Core to almost every oil and gas operation are regular infrastructure inspections. Rather than relying on traditional methods, aerial inspections can be conducted frequently with Airobotics’ fully automated drone system. Professionals concerned with minimizing the amount of gas that is flared, can regularly monitor flare stacks through the aerial perspective offered by the drone. Additionally, automatically launching a drone to detect suspicious activity, rather than sending out ground patrol forces and possibly experiencing false positives, can lead to increased efficiency and worker morale.


Data-Driven Decisions in Real-Time

The perspective of the drone provides a wealth of information, not attainable by traditional processes. Raw data collected by the drone is then processed into reports and actionable insights, professionals can then use to make better, data-driven decisions.

Aerial data provides professionals access to new ways of doing things and can drive growth in existing businesses. Drones are uniquely qualified for aerial inspections of storage tanks, flare stacks and other site assets & machinery.

Airobotics’ fully automated drone system is self-sufficient, providing 24/7 availability and handles launching, flying and landing automatically for both scheduled and on-demand flights. Additionally, automatic payload swapping is a benefit offered by the system, which has a growing range of swappable, application-specific payloads as well as accompanying software enabling organizations to gather an unprecedented variety of data.


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