As we welcome the new year, we’re proud to share our achievements for 2017



2017 was a year to remember for Airobotics. We made great progress, scaling our operations and expanding to new markets and industries. We’re proud to share some of our key achievements.


To date, we’ve logged more than 30,000 automated drone flights. And counting.



In Israel, we received the world’s first approval to fly drones fully automatically, without a human pilot in command. In Australia, we are now certified to fly at customers’ sites Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS).



We’ve raised $32.5m in round C to meet growing market demand. We later increased the round with an additional $10m, totaling $42.5m in round C, and $71m in total funding to date. (Read more on WSJ, TechCrunch and Reuters)


Technological Advancements

We made multiple advancements on the technological front. Here are some of them: 

The Airbase: New Generation Docking Station

  • Climate control inside the Airbase achieved, with embedded Air Conditioning, to keep ideal climate conditions
  • Safety mechanisms implemented, such as power outage once doors open, to keep people safe when opening the Airbase’ doors while the unit is in action
  • We’ve improved the functionality of the robotic arm. For example, it uses air pressure to remove dust from sensitive areas
  • Computer vision algorithms inside the Airbase enable smarter maintenance

New Generation Drone

  • Safety features implemented, such as strobe lights, an emergency siren, navigation lights and a new parachute system
  • Thanks to our optimized battery, we managed to extend the flight duration by 50%!
  • The Optimus drone can fly in light and heavy rain, as well as in winds of up to 30 knots

New Generation Mast

The mast is our weather, communication and GPS station. It is now 15m high and lightning proof.


On the data front, we introduced advanced 3D modeling with Photogrammetry and LiDAR. We integrated various payloads to our drone platform, including an extended 30x optical zoom video camera with image recognition capabilities, such as dynamic object identification.


Operations & Manufacturing

In 2017 we expanded our manufacturing facilities significantly, as well as our operational capabilities.

We’ve built a climate chamber to test our drone system in extreme weather conditions.

We have a new in-house assembly line, as well as a global control center operating 24/7, to remotely operate and monitor all our systems deployed worldwide. Our technical team provides remote support and upgrades, and local teams provide periodic services and maintenance to customers.


Team & Offices

2017 was the year in which Airobotics expanded globally. Our first office and market outside of Israel is Australia, and we’re in the process of deploying our first systems in Chile and the US.

Our team grew from 80 to 202 people in 2017.


Airobotics Australia

Our main office is in Kardinya, West Australia. It includes a Demo Center, assembly area, workspaces and our Remote Operation Center (ROC), from which we monitor and operate our systems in Australia. We also have teams in Brisbane and Melbourne.


Deployments Worldwide

Airobotics has successfully completed new deployments this year in mining sites, seaports and more.


It’s been a hell of a year. Here we come 2018!