Airobotics’ CEO and Co-founder, Ran Krauss, participated in a panel discussion titled: “UAVs & Aeronautics – Convergence or Disruption?” on Oct. 14th at Hello Tomorrow.

Panel members included Eric Dalbies from Safran, and Yannick Levy from Parrot. Philippe Plouvier from the Boston Consulting Group was the moderator.

Members of the panel explored and discussed the solutions to safely and securely carry out plans for a new era of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The democratization of these systems has ushered in a new era of aerial flight and unchartered territories. The global National Airspace Systems is on the brink of a dramatic transformation. As a result, this new era ushers in a variety of new and unanswered questions.

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UAVs & Aeronautics Panel - Ran Krauss
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The UAVs & Aeronautics panel explored the new era of unmanned aerial systems


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