Senior Demand & Supply Planner
Phoenix USA, Scottsdale

Senior Demand & Supply Planner

Phoenix USA · Full-time · Senior

About The Position

Airobotics is seeking a Senior Demand & Supply Planner to join our team. The key responsibilities of this position include: managing all aspects of demand, short-term & long-term planning decision making, working across departments such as the global sales, business development, finance and supply chain teams. The ideal candidate will manage the end-to-end Planning process and will ensure to generate timely supply for the demand forecast considering lead times for individual assemblies and complete systems.  This position will generate the demand in our ERP system and work with internal and external partners to ensure supply on time. The Planner will create work orders and ensure raw material supply to our partners as well as review the partner supply situation and report the readiness to build (CTB) This position will be managing the spare parts including re-order points as swell as the WH and fulfillment into the Regional Operating Centers

Airobotics has developed a pilotless automated UAV solution, the first of its kind in the global market. We provide an end-to-end, fully automatic UAV solution for collecting aerial data and gaining insights. Our industrial grade platform enables industries such as mining and oil & gas to access aerial data in a faster, safer, more efficient manner. Role will be at Airobotics USA is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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