The Rise of Machines
- 27 Apr 2017 -

“The Rise of Machines – what happens when your colleague is a Robot and an AI Assistant?”

Joe Urli, Airobotics’ Director of Flight Operations, will speak on April 27th at The Capital, Brisbane, about the concept of Automated Drones and the regulatory know-how behind operating them.

About the event: A mixed workforce comprising people and robotics is not a science fiction movie, but an evolving reality. The term ‘workforce’ no longer simply refers to human resources, but cognitive systems, machines and robots too.

So what does a human and robotic workforce look like? Are humans managing machines or machines managing humans? What broader impacts may this have on our society and communities as a whole?… and what are the potential implications that need to be considered by our policy makers now?


The Rise of Machines
The Capital, Brisbane, Australia
The Capital, Brisbane