This is the opening of Ran Krauss’ TED talk. To hear the full talk, check out the video:

“There is an overlooked revolution taking place, and it’s about to change our lives dramatically. We live in an extraordinary era. An era where multiple technological revolutions, singular turning points transform our lives. Something new is invented and after that, everything changes.

Think about what we’ve been witnessing for the past 200 years: The invention of the light bulb, radio, antibiotics, personal computers, smart phones and most recently the autonomous car.

Let’s take a closer look at the autonomous car for example.

This – without a doubt will be one of the most transformational, technological turning points of our time. Lives will be saved, traffic will reduced, it will be astonishing. But, as amazing as it might be, it’s only in two dimensions, it’s on the ground.

The revolution I’m talking about makes use of the third dimension, the aerial dimension. And with it, it brings endless possibilities. Mankind has always been fascinated with the third dimension. With flight. For hundreds of years, we tried to conquer the skies.

Starting with the mythological Icarus and Deadalus through Leonardo Da-Vinci and his incredible imagination.

In the past century or so, we really kicked it up a notch starting with the wright brothers’ first powered flight; we since then invented rockets, satellites, the jet engine, commercial flight, we even landed on the moon.

We conquered the skies, and started utilizing it, it became much more than man’s ambition. It became something obvious, part of our day to day lives.

This triumph over the skies was an important stepping stone toward taking flight into a new era.

Because – to really properly utilize the skies, we need to take the human operator out of it.

Hence, we are on the brink of the unmanned aerial revolution.”