Being a pioneer in the automated drones field means constantly inventing and innovating. It means breaking boundaries, defying expectations and going above and beyond what anyone considers achievable. This is a field that demands fearlessness and a healthy disrespect for limitations.

However, this is also a field that requires strict regulations. At Airobotics, we don’t mind that. We’re just as good when we play by the rules. And that’s why I’m proud to announce that Airobotics has been granted the world’s first certification for fully automated drone flights that do not require a human pilot.

Authorization by the CAAI

We’ve been granted this unprecedented approval for fully automated commercial drone flights with no human pilot by the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel, or the CAAI. What this certification essentially says is that the actions and decisions that once had to be completed by a certified drone pilot can now be completed by the Airobotics system. No further certification is required for the Airobotics automated drone to be used – operations can be left entirely up to the drone. This eliminates the tedious process of training and certifying a human pilot, the expense of having one available, and the potential for human error.

For two years the team at Airobotics has worked tirelessly towards earning this certification, going through rigorous field testing as well as product verification processes. In this time we accumulated more than 10,000 flight hours and automated flight cycles. It wasn’t easy, but nothing groundbreaking ever is.

The technology of our automated drone system in and of itself is cutting-edge, even within an industry that’s based on trailblazing. By offering an automated drone that launches, flies and lands on its own, collects and processes limitless data and even completes its own maintenance including battery changing and payload swapping in its protective airbase, we’ve created an industrial multitool solution the likes of which the world had not previously seen.

Revolutionizing the global market landscape

This certification milestone has the potential to impact industries ranging from mining, security, and construction to agriculture and energy and optimizing processes such as surveying, inspections and securing critical infrastructure.

With our automated drone system we set out to change the way companies in industries all over the world operate, saving time and money, improving business processes and protecting human lives. We’ve succeeded, and with this certification as well as the venture funding we raised last year, our accomplishments are only going to grow. We’re expanding into Australia and other territories as we speak.

This certification is exciting not only because it is tangible proof of the reliability, effectiveness and precision of our system, and not only because it cements us as leaders in commercial drone operations, but because of what it means for our customers. With our automated drones, the sky is quite literally the limit.

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